Western Nutritional Laboratories (based in Omaha, NE), is a new and exciting venture into the Animal Health Market.   It is a collaborative undertaking of highly successful industry veterans Herman Haenert (Netvetsupply), Dr. Joe Daugherty (Pharmaprint LLC) and David Wood (ABS-Corporation).


Their combined resources and experience in marketing, research, development and manufacturing is the foundation of their first new clinically tested oral hygiene product for Feline and Canine dental hygiene branded “Plaque Re-Lease Quick Melt Easy Pinch Tablets".


This unique mico-adhesion technology formulated in a Quick Melt Easy Pinch Tablet, placed on top of the dog/cat food in a bowl, results in adhesion to the dental area and soft tissue, reducing the bacterial attachment (plaque) within less than 2 weeks.


Western Nutritional Laboratories is working carefully,  poised to address unique diverse discoveries  which benefit and support long term needs  of your Pet’s Health.  Our cumulative actions are positioned to the development of technologies within the animal health corridor.


We are centrally located in Omaha, Nebraska and look forward to an exciting future.  High achievements and high expectations are the frameworks of our venture.


Western Nutritional Laboratories

7031 N. 16th Street

Omaha, Nebraska 68112