Frequently Asked Questions


Why is daily dental care so important for the well-being and survival of your cat and dog?

In humans and Animals (mammals), plaque bacteria ( or Biofilms) constantly form in the mouth which accumulate on teeth, gums and the tongue resulting in bad breath, gum diseases and tooth decay. This can lead later to heart disease, kidney failure, liver disease and pain among other things.  According to the World Small Animal Veterinary Association; “Dental diseases are by far the most common problem facing the small animal practice”. Information published stated that 90% of all diseases originate in the mouth.


Are there published statistics regarding the incidence of dental related issues?

Yes, The Banfield Pet Hospital publishes a “State of Pet Health Report” every year.  It shows that dental disease is the most common disorder among cats and dogs, affecting 68% of cats and 76% of dogs.


How do I administer (apply) Plaque Re-Lease quick melt tablets?

Place the tab in the cheek of your pet.  For best results, alternate left side to right side every other day to maximize oral cavity coverage.


Is Plaque Re-Lease a treat?

No, Plaque Re-Lease is an Oral Hygiene product in a quick melt tablet.  One tab  delivers a unique 10mg of cranberry concentrated extract, a clinically proven and effective dose.


One dose fits all?

Yes, no matter what the weight of the animal, the 10mg of highly concentrated Cranberry extract in “Plaque Re-Lease quick melt tablets” given one time per day delivers an effective dose regardless of your pet's weight. It is also safe for Puppies and Kittens after six weeks of age.


Is brushing required in addition to daily dosing of Plaque Re-Lease?

No brushing is required.


Does Plaque Re-Lease have a bitter taste?

No, Plaque Re-Lease is naturally flavored with pork liver and well accepted by dogs and cats.


Why cranberry extract?

Decades of scientific research demonstrates that highly concentrated cranberry extracts hinder the attachment of disease-causing-bacteria to the teeth and gums of animals.


Does Plaque Re-Lease eliminate annual cleaning by a Veterinarian?

Visiting with your veterinarian/pet professional will always help advising the best decision during the annual-wellness visit to your veterinarian.


How does Plaque Re-Lease differ from dental bones?

Our target specific Plaque Re-Lease tablets delivers an exact dose of active treatment unlike bones, chews or sticks that could be give as toys or treats.  Unlike toys and treats Plaque Re-Lease won’t cause blockage in the digestive system or cause splintering, broken teeth as no chewing os required when given to pet.


Was Plaque Re-Lease clinically tested?

Yes, a 10 dog independent study was conducted by a leading testing facility.  Results confirm a 48% reduction of plaque, 54% reduction of Tartar and 41% reduction in Halitosis (bad-breath).


Are the tablets safe for long term use for maintenance of pet oral health?

Plaque Re-Lease tablets are safe for long term daily use and may provide other health benefits as well (cranberry polyphenolics are well known for other health benefits)


Is Plaque release safe for Puppy’s and Kittens?

Yes, it is the only product that you can begin oral health care with on young pets. Both pupppies and kittens are not recommend for chewing treats or bones until their digestive systems are more matured (six months old)


What happens if my dog/cat swallows the tablet before it dissolves?

Our “Quickmelt" tablets are made to dissolve fast. It might looking as if they are swallowed but , the animal will still receive the overall benefits of cranberry activity in the body; and not be limited to activity in the mouth alone.


Pets  - Healthy Mouth, Healthy Body

Cranberry products have well known benefits for health all parts of the pet’s dietary needs. It’s taking care of your pet from the start from tooth to tail.





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